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Adventures in China

In May 2011, Mood by me (named Id by Me then) hired me to settle in Shanghai and work on the launch of their new brand. The e-commerce specialized in customization. I had to transform the first step of the existing project (see below Before/After) into a fashionable and easy to understand brand experience.

Building creative editorial events teamed with a very inspiring marketing manager was only one my many experiences in China. I had the opportunity as a freelancer to explore UX and UI projects and really improve my skills set.

  • New skill: Art director for Moodbyme, i had the opportunity to hire and manage a team of 2 people
  • Period: 2011 - 2012

Before after website redesign
Before/After website redesign
Gift pack
Gift pack & printed pressbook + cover and product photographies.
Various fashion webdesign
Art direction for marketing events from sales to product launches.
Photoshoot Shanghai
Direction of various studio photo shoots from model casting to visual conceptualization teamed with a brilliant photographer.
Photoshoot Shanghai
Photo shoot direction in a Boutique Hotel in Shanghai.
Hotel UX UXI icon set
Map interactive actions
UI et icones de l'offre Hotels / Ui and icons of the Hotels offer
Learning app interface
Application pédagogique en ligne / Learning app interface