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Now that I explored many aspects of my job, I decided that I wanted to become a creative thinker. My designing skills are best used to think and question projects so they get the ideal form the ideal way. Finding meaning and building from scratch as much as possible using illustration for example, are my new fascinations.

  • Period: 2015

CSR illustrations and publication cover
Flat design illustrations
Stickfigure Builder and Gardener
Stickfigure Printer Clothes and House Cleaner
Preview of a CSR brochure about social innovation
Timeline for a printed brochure
Print infographics and composition
How-to Corporate Social Responsibility brochures about Social Innovation & CSR.
Social media concepts and opportunities for BMW
BMW social media opportunities
Social media concepts and opportunities for BMW
facebook post infographics
Preview of social media opportunities found for France's national state-owned railway company
Storyboard for electric utility industry
Extract from a storyboard & concept-board of a motion video in the electric utility industry